Selling a house takes work.  Taking great photos is an art.  Sometimes it hasn’t quite been mastered.  We hope you see the fun in what happens when things don’t exactly go perfectly.

We were really hoping the remarks went like this, “Spare room can be used for an office, formal dining or your feathered friends.”

Not going to lie, took a good two minutes to realize that was a snowman.

This is a favorite of mine, pets tend to sneak in photos a lot.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure the house doesn’t come with a dog. 

At first this is an interesting paint choice, okay, we’ll give you props for making the laundry rooms fun but…

There it is.  Well played, mom, well played.

Ah, the unintentional mirror selfie.  Always a favorite surprise. 

Choices are hard.  Do we go with blue or grey?  Problem solved, now for the pillows…?

These days when choosing a home, you should make sure your mirror also takes a good angled selfie.


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